The 4E's



Education comes in many forms other than the classroom.  4E was asablished to explore just that, stepping out of the classroom and learning from the world around us.  We strive to bring fun and education together.

What We Offer

  • UAV Flight Proficiency – learn to fly an unmanned aerial vehicle, aka drone
  • UAV  - Drone film making and documentary film production
  • UAV Laws, regulations safety protocol
  • Understanding Weather and Meteorology
  • Robotics – Build a robot



4E International seeks to help individuals and groups expand and explore their interests, goals and potential through educational programs and enrichment activities. These groups and individuals include the under-served, under-represented, underprivileged, minority, indigenous and disadvantaged, and ... the interested.



 Our core beliefs and values are - Pass it on. There are those who have various interests including science, technology, engineering, math, and space exploration. We provide a fun, noncompetitive venue to introduce, stimulate and nurture those interest. 

Workshops, Seminars, Field tTrips

  •  Rocket Science – Build and launch a rocket  
  • Mars and Space Colonization Concepts
  • Space Law  
  • World Space Agencies (NASA, ESA, etc.)  
  • Stargazing
  • Many more



Our goal is to find out core interests and nurture them with hands on experience.  We believe that knowledge is a tool and when that tool is expanded that is when one truly becomes powerful.